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Pooled Grantmaking to Support Agroecological Solutions Across India

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Pooled Grantmaking to Support Agroecological Solutions Across India

The misguided and poorly named “green revolution” has failed both the planet and people. The climate can’t sustain agriculture’s growing dependence on fossil fuels, just as India’s farmers suffer enormously from an unstable climate. The number of farmer suicides is a heart-breaking reminder of just how broken our food system is.


We need immediate action for truly sustainable and equitable food systems grounded in dignified livelihoods and family and ecosystem health, guided by the knowledge and experience of India’s small farmers, who are increasingly adopting natural farming and circular economy practices. An agroecological food system lifts up India’s remarkably diverse cuisine and restores vanishing foods which have sustained us for millennia. 


Agroecology embraces complementary approaches to sustainable farming, such as regenerative agriculture and organic farming. Agroecology combines principles of ecology, agronomy, and economic equality for holistic food systems transformation. It seeks to promote biodiversity, conserve natural resources for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and enhance the well-being of farmers and their communities. 


Farming in India is much more than a source of subsistence, encompassing a profound spiritual significance that is deeply interwoven with the country’s cultural fabric and values. Many ancient texts emphasise the utilisation of naturally available resources and highlight diverse cropping patterns while bringing traditional foods into rituals. This approach to farming not only nurtured thriving farmlands but also contributed to the remarkable history and flourishing civilisations for which India is renowned. Presently referred to as ‘natural farming’ with strong ties to ‘organic farming,’ this had been the default way of farming in India. 


Agroecology offers a holistic approach to agriculture that recognises the interconnectedness of social, ecological and economic systems. By promoting agroecology, we contribute to the following SDGs:


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