The Bharat Agroecology Fund is incubated as a decentralised regional fund for India by the global Agroecology Fund (AEF). AEF is a multi-donor global fund that supports grassroots collaboratives driving just and sustainable food systems transformation in over 85 countries. Such systems promote the well-being and human rights of small farmers, Indigenous Peoples, and their communities, replenish soil and water resources, and help mitigate climate change. The Agroecology Fund aggregates the financial commitments from over 40 donor contributors and collaborates with donor networks across North America and Europe, where its finances and administration are managed. 13 advisors, each with unique expertise in the varied aspects of agroecology and representing different corners of the globe, lead grantmaking deliberations, presenting recommended dockets to donors through a multi-stakeholder Executive Committee. The Agroecology Fund supports regional agroecology funds in India, Mexico, and West and Eastern Africa.

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